BSides Oslo 2023 on September 21, 2023 at Vulkan Arena - Keynote


  • Length: 45 minutes.
  • Scheduled: 09:00 (UTC+2)

In this keynote, the National Cyber Crime Centre (NC3) at NCIS Norway will present how they fight and prevent cybercrime. With a historical perspective on how technologies have given both opportunities and challenges, we will learn more about methods, cases and plans on how to stay relevant also in the future!

Steffen Thorkildsen

Steffen Thorkildsen

Steffen E. Thorkildsen is Head of Section at the National Cyber Crime Centre (NC3) in Norway, which is part of the National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS). He has 25+ years working experience with digital forensics, cyber security and serious crime investigations. Additionally to daily focus on leadership, his academic and R&D background and interests involves programming, reverse engineering, exploitation, machine learning, cyber security and related topics.