September 21, 2023 at Vulkan Arena



Capture the flag

Take part in the SANS Institute BootUp CTF at Bsides Oslo 2023!

Bootup CTF is a capture-the-flag style cyber range consisting of over 125 multi-disciplinary cybersecurity challenges.

The challenges in this CTF are perfect for practitioners at the foundation and intermediate skill level and use real-world scenarios, testing their skills across a wide spectrum of cybersecurity disciplines in a fun and competitive environment.

The CTF will last for six hours and is open to all Bsides Oslo attendees.


BSides Oslo is a non-profit conference, and relies on sponsorships. If you or your company wish to sponsor the event, please read our sponsorship document

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BSides Oslo is a independent, community-driven inclusive information security conference. A part of the global Security BSides network, the conference creates a space for members of the information security community to come together and share their knowledge and experiences. BSides Oslo is intended for anyone working with, studying with or is interested in security.

BSides Oslo 2023 will be the fourth, and the third physical event. Websites for previous events are available here.

As an event for the community, all talks at our conferences are recorded and available on YouTube

BSides Oslo is a non-profit conference, and there are still some sponsor opportunities. For more information, please review the sponsorship section.

The BSides Oslo team

Phanida Meesin

Board Member

Ryan Mattinson

Board Member

Erlend Oftedal

Board Member

Christer Vaskinn

Board Member

Vetle Hjelle

Board Member

Eivind Utnes

Speaker Manager

The BSidesOslo team are members of the local infosec community who felt the need for an accessible, inclusive event that is focused on learning and sharing.

This is what BSides and their framework is all about. While individual BSides events have a focus on serving and representing their local communities, adopting this framework also ties us to an international network of diverse, independent events that seek to create opportunities to advance the infosec conversation beyond the mainstream.